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The Fishbowl: Eyes on Education

Nov 22, 2022

CS Partners was blessed to have Hamish Brewer join our Network at our Annual Conference. Hamish Brewer is a powerful and positive disruptor who transcends the status quo and typical norms in leadership and education. Mr. Brewer is a globally recognized advocate who built his reputation on results and...

Nov 10, 2022

Dylan Luna was just recently elected to the Flint Community Schools School Board. We are grateful for him joining us in The Fishbowl to talk about his campaign and his vision for the future of Flint Community Schools! 

Nov 3, 2022

Join us in The Fishbowl as we talk about an article Tim wrote on LinkedIn about Two Things Good Leaders Do. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Oct 18, 2022

Chris and Tim are joined in The Fishbowl by Laura Carpenter, Senior VP of School Operations, to discuss Jon Acuff's book, Soundtracks. Jon lays out a solution to solve the superproblem of overthinking into your superpower.  If you feel like you have a problem with overthinking, this podcast is for you! 

Oct 11, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear strategic planning? I'm guessing just reading that caused your eyes to roll. Give us 41 minutes of your time to show you a better way to go from where your school is to where you want your school to be. Chris and Tim are joined by Dr. Nick Orlowski to talk about how implementing...