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The Fishbowl: Eyes on Education

Mar 31, 2020

Our longest Podcast to date! Listen in to hear what Chris and Tim have been doing to pass the time of the Shelter-in-Place, and hear some great recommendations for books and TV shows. We would love to hear what you are doing to keep yourself occupied...drop some comments and let us know!

Mar 27, 2020

Tim and Chris welcome Alicia Urbain from Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) to the Fishbowl. Alicia is a Legislative policy guru and MAPSA's eyes and ears at the Capitol in Lansing. We are honored that she took some time away to give us the inside scoop on what is currently happening in Lansing and...

Mar 26, 2020

We are joined in the Fishbowl by Dr. Sarah Pazur, Director of School Leadership for CS Partners. Dr. Pazur has a vast amount of experience when it comes to remote learning. She joins us to discuss an op-ed piece she wrote for and some key tips for schools exploring what remote learning looks like.


You can...

Mar 24, 2020

Chris and Tim share there thoughts on where we are and where we are going during this Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 19, 2020

Ryan Tomlinson, School Leader at Pansophia Academy in Coldwater, MI, returns to the Fishbowl to talk with Chris and Tim about what life looks like at Pansophia Academy during the mandated shutdown. Ryan shares his perspective as a first year school leader working through this crisis, and he shares some of the great...