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The Fishbowl: Eyes on Education

Dec 1, 2023

This year on November 20th and 21st, CS Partners hosted the 12th Annual Conference for their entire network of charter school partners. Early feedback from attendees suggests that this could possibly have been the best conference yet. Tune in to hear Nick Orlowski and Sara Fields tell Chris just what made this year...

Nov 28, 2023

Dr. Sarah Pazur, Iris Law-Hicks, Elaina Holsey and Dr. Nick Orlowski join Chris this week in The Fishbowl to discuss the issue of chronic absenteeism.

What is causing students to miss so much school? What are the effects of absenteeism on the school system? How can we combat it? The questions around this topic are...

Sep 30, 2023

Chris and Tim are joined by a handful of guest to discuss The Daily Stoic. Join us as we share some nuggets of wisdom are shared from this great book. 

Jul 3, 2023

Join us in The Fishbowl as we chat with Dylan Luna, Board Member of Flint Community Schools. 

May 11, 2023

Join Chris and Tim in The Fishbowl as they discuss several topics that are swirling around in the education world today. Some of the topics discussed are cell phone use in schools, pick up and drop off at schools, school board dynamics, and more! We would love to hear your take on some of these issues in schools. Please...