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The Fishbowl: Eyes on Education

May 12, 2020

Chris and Tim are joined in the Fishbowl by 11 guests to discuss the current state of education in Michigan. 

  1. Lisa Key - Chief Academic Officer at Cornerstone Schools
  2. Alicia Urbain - Vice President for Governmental Affairs at MAPSA
  3. Dr. Ticheal Jones - Director of School Leadership at CS Partners
  4. Nick Orlowski - Director of Professional Learning and Early Warning Systems at Grand Rapids Public Schools
  5. Elizabeth Lomax - Kindergarten Teacher at Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy
  6. Amy Torok - Literacy Coach at Grand Blanc Community Schools
  7. Jeremy Mitchell - Elementary Principal at Grand Blanc Community Schools
  8. Chris Collins - Community School Program Manager at Crim Fitness Foundation
  9. Jason Sarsfield - Deputy Director at CMU Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools
  10. Dr. Cherise Cupidore - Superintendent at Crescent Academy
  11. Brooke Samec - High School Teacher and Multiple Sport Athletic Coach at St. Johns Schools

All in, this group represents over 60,000 students in the state of Michigan. Please join us in the Fishbowl for Part 1 of this exciting series.